At Myriad we believe that privacy and security of data is a fundamental requirement for individuals and businesses alike.  We also believe that most organizations are in the business on something other than building and maintaining IT infrastructure.  While cloud operations are a terrific way to divest these operations the current cloud model necessarily gives away control over privacy and security to outside vendors.


For regulated industries the business benefits of cloud technology is outweighed by the risks inherent in giving control over data security and availability to outside vendors.  For this reason most financial, health and government institutions have been laggards in adopting cloud services. These organizations do not trust the cloud because of the loss of control over these critical aspects of their organization.  Regulatory pressures further heighten these risks. In short, transferring operations of data management does not transfer regulatory accountability of data management practices.


Myriad Data Security, Inc. is a cloud security company that has reimagined the model for storage as a service so data owners can insulate themselves from any failures in security or disruptions in service.  The technology employs a locally deployed application that breaks down file and object data into indecipherable shards that are then distributed to a redundant array of independent clouds (RAIC). This novel approach to cloud object storage enables all the benefits of the cloud while retaining governance that regulators demand.  


Behind the technology is a capable team of inventors that are philosophically aligned and dedicated to solving the problem of trust in the current cloud storage model. Early product designs were informed by over 40 years of combined work experience at major cloud vendors such as Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo as well as discussions with over 100 C-level executives at U.S. based banks, credit unions, hospitals and local governments that all answer to federal and state regulators.  Chief among the challenges they experience with the cloud was the confidence in cloud providers to keep data secure and to ensure its availability for continuous business operations.


Myriad is headquartered in Charlotte, NC, a major banking hub with an active entrepreneurial community.  You can learn more about our technology in our white paper, subscribing to our blog, or by contacting us directly at [email protected].