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What Does Myriad Cost?

You might be thinking, “I need strong cloud security, but how much does it cost?” It’s a big question.

From the CapEx of equipment to the OpEx of office square footage and electricity, every dollar counts. There are many security options out there, but not all of them may be optimal for your organization. (Knowing which cloud security risks you want to avoid may help you narrow down your list of eligible vendors.)

But if Myriad is on your list, we’re happy to share a bit about cloud security costs.

A Key Question About Cloud Security Costs

More important than overall price, we think it’s important that you ask this question:

What’s the value that you get from working with a vendor that prioritizes security? How much do you value your data’s integrity? Its accessibility?

There are many cloud vendors, and all have some security measures. But how many are security first?

Myriad’s security-first platform ensures that your institution never experiences local outages or other interference to your data. Plus, Myriad offers protection from breaches and unrivaled data integrity. So, when budgeting for cloud security, consider what your organization needs. Then, ask yourself what it would cost if those needs aren’t met.

Tailor-Made to Fit Your Business

Most cloud security vendors offer minimal customization. This essentially turns them into one-size-fits-all solutions, which may not always fit your specific business needs. Do you store your data in multiple geo-redundant storage facilities? Does your company’s sensitive data need to avoid the risks of being stored in a large city? Do you need sharded, encrypted data to guarantee unparalleled levels of security? We can do that.

Most cloud data storage nominally costs a little more than $0.02 per gigabyte. (In practice, it usually costs much more, generally to the tune of $0.10–0.17 per gigabyte.) Furthermore, for geo-redundant storage from a big box vendor, you can expect to pay much more. With that in mind, Myriad offers very competitive rates, and may even present an overall cost savings.

For example, the pricing structure for credit unions is a flat rate based on asset size. After a certain volume of data, credit unions would see a much lower price for their cloud security and storage:

Myriad’s solution costs more than basic storage, but the final price tag depends on several factors, including amount of storage needed and how many cloud vendors to work with. The best way to see what Myriad’s cloud storage would cost your company is to ask us.

Spreading the Risk

We always caution against vendor over-reliance. In fact, we believe this so strongly that we practice it ourselves by working with multiple vendors and services to secure your data. This geo-redundancy provides more than just security—it also ensures that local failures or vendor-specific issues don’t compromise your data.

Rather than looking only at security, we also ensure data availability and integrity, even in the event of catastrophic system failures. We know what it’s like working with big box vendors. While they can provide some level of customer service, they can’t always immediately understand your situation. At Myriad, we take the time to know who our clients are—and how a breach will affect them.

You Can’t Measure Value in Dollars

As we said before, value is much more than just a dollar amount. With Myriad, you can get more per dollar in value than you can get from other big box vendors like AWS. You’ll not only get quality service, you’ll also get a responsive and personalized security solution that big-box firms can’t deliver.

Moreover, in many cases, Myriad actually presents a cost savings.

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